Training Programs / Assos


Beginners I (4 days)

Sail philosophy
Rules of the boat
Equipment of the boat and the terms
Hoisting the sail and dowsing
Basic seaman tie ups
Working principle of the sail
Directions of the wind
Different cruises
Different manoeuvres
Educational films about sailing

Beginners II (4 days)

Marine terms
Basic main sail trimming
Basic genoa trimming
Steering with sail
Steering with motor
Basic navigation terms
Map reading
Use of GPS
Cruising with motor
Educational films about sailing
Advanced I (4 days)

Reading of the wind
Sailing according to the apparent wind
Advanced performance main sail trimming
Advanced performance genoa trimming
Other seaman ties and fast bowline hitch
Manoeuvres with the sail with the wind from different angles
(landing and free-running to the port or to a buoy)
Advanced navigation
To take bearing
Making of the course on a map
Use of chart plotter
Sailing with compass
Basic meteorological information
Basic use of the radio and useful frequencies
Educational films about sail performance

Advanced II (4 days)

Spinnaker, its use and packing
Basic spinnaker trimming
Reading of the sea lighthouses
Basic boat maintenance and practical information
Emergency state scenarios
Leaving the port and edging
Night sailing
Long distance sailing
Sailing together with the legendary skippers
Basic information with regards to the race
Films containing sail performance and tactics